My philosophy on conducting is simple – as conductors we are not merely “time beaters” . I beleive that it is our job to take the notes from the pages and to use all of our resources to make the music come alive. The most important things for me are gesture, communication and intention.

Music can not be separated from dance the two things are linked together so my conducting is about being able to be relaxed enough to have good physical control of tempo but also to be able to utiilise my body with gesture and communication so as to get the best musical reaction from my ensembles.

I am now working with Professor Alan Gumm on the Six Fundamentals of Conducting. This framework developed by him, explores how these six elements combine to facilitate the conductor and ensemble collaborating to make great music

A link to his website can be found here

Links to my orchestras:

The Old Barn Orchestral Society

St Giles Orchestra

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